Limmud FSU is for you!

Limmud FSU (FSU stands for Former Soviet Union) is an amazing opportunity. Having attended seven conferences so far, I can say with certainty that Limmud is right for you. By that I mean that these educational events allow any Russian-Jewish person to feel a part of the community. And the broad range of simultaneous activities […]


Место встречи: Лимуд

Место встречи: Лимуд! С будущим избранником можно познакомиться в любом месте: на улице, в очереди, на танцах. Если вы познакомились на танцах, то скорее всего ваша будущая половина или хорошо танцует, или хотя бы испытывает интерес к танцам, если в очереди на заправку, то вы хотя бы сможете подменивать друг друга в ваших путешествиях. Место […]

Ilana Golzman

My Limmud FSU journey

Every day we meet people who have traveled a journey – a journey through time, space, political regimes, and often unique careers. We interact with these people and learn things about their pasts and the generations that led to the realities we see today. More often than not the stories are different and the journeys […]

Vika_Feldman 1

Ability to shape up the future of my family and the Jewish community

Being a part of the Limmud family for the second year feels great and personally rewarding. Each year, the conference brings together people of all ages from our local and global community who come together to learn and acquire something new, socialize, network, and feel belonging. As a person who left former Soviet Union for […]


What a life-changing experience!

Limmud FSU… oh where do I start! I attended a Limmud conference for the first time in December 2015, which took place in a beautiful resort in Blue Mountain. Where have I been this whole time??? I am now an official fan! Let me tell you-the Limmud experience is truly one of a kind- aside […]


Limmud FSU – a feeling of belonging

Limmud for me began a few years ago when I attended a 1 day conference on Long Island. I went to hang out with my friends without knowing anything about it. That day I came back home with an amazing energy and desire to be a part of this movement. Since then, I’ve been to […]


Limmud FSU – not what I expected..

Truth be told, it has been a while since I have been an avid community events participant, if ever. Growing up in Israel since the age of nine in a minimally traditional environment –which I believe many children of Soviet parents have experienced—I was hesitant about Limmud when my good friend Alexander brought forward the […]

Igor Klibanov

Limmud FSU experience – A presenter’s perspective

I first heard about Limmud FSU from my friend, Leon Martynenko, who I’ve known since the Bathurst JCC days (around 2006-2007). Since my time working at the JCC, I’ve started up my own personal training company, released 4 books, and started doing lots of public speaking engagements, about exercise and nutrition, which I regularly post […]


Why get involved with Limmud FSU

My name is Eitan Dudnick, I got involved in LIMMUD FSU through a friend, our beloved Chair Leon Martinenko who I know all the way from IDF. Before volunteering at LIMMUD FSU I never thought to volunteer but since I started I understood how important it is both to the volunteer and to the community. […]


My Experience at Limmud FSU

Having been raised by two parents that emigrated from the Soviet Union to Israel in the early 1990s, I was no stranger to the Russian-Jewish rhetoric. A rhetoric that was filled with conflicting emotions. I felt my parents’ deep-seated love for their city of Saint Petersburg, for the Russian culture, customs and cuisine, and for […]

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