Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Limmud conference for me?

A: We believe that if you can answer positively to the below questions, then you should definitely become a participant at Limmud FSU conference: (i) you enjoy informational lectures and learning new things (ii) you strive for personal growth and expanding your horizons (iii) you want to grow your knowledge of the Jewish identity and culture (iv)  you enjoy networking and making new connections within the Russian-Jewish community of the GTA (v) you’re interested in giving back to the community through involvement with Limmud movement (vi) you’re looking forward to an unforgettable weekend of learning and having a good time.

Most people who have participated in Limmud FSU conferences in the past, can’t wait to the next conference!

Q: Apart from Canada, what other locations are Limmud FSU conferences organized in?

A: Annual Limmud FSU conferences in North America are also being held in New York / New Jersey, and West Coast USA. They are being held in Israel, Western Europe, Australia. In FSU territory, there are annual conferences in Belarus, Ukraine, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan.

Q: How are Limmud FSU conferences organized and by whom?

A: Limmud FSU conferences are organized solely by volunteers. Both the organizing committee, event volunteers and presenters are volunteering their time to support the Limmud spirit. Conferences in each location are coordinated with Limmud International steering committee.

Q: Are Limmud FSU conferences focused mostly on Judaism and religion aspects?

A: Limmud FSU team tries to create sessions on various areas of interest to the russian-jewish community, where Judaism and religion are only one program stream. Please see the program for past conferences to get a better idea.

Q: What is included with event fees?

A: Limmud FSU weekend conference fees cover 2-night accommodations, all meals, as well as all programs and entertainment.

Q: Can I bring my kids?

A: Kids are most welcome at Limmud FSU Canada. Limmud FSU Canada will include special programming for kids divided by age groups.

Q: Will Kosher meals be provided during the event?

A: Kosher meals will be provided during the event.

Q: Which languages will the programs be provided in?

A: Programs will be provided primarily in English. We will also have some programs in Russian, in attempt to make at least one session in Russian during each timeslot. Please check program schedule to find out language of specific sessions.

Q: Is there a conference dress code?

A: No, most participants wear comfortable clothes during sessions. You may want to bring a light long-sleeve shirt in case air conditioning makes you cold. During the evening Gala dinner (when applicable) most people dress accordingly.

Q: How do I make the selection of the sessions to attend?

A: We recommend for participants to visit our website once the program schedule becomes available, look into session description and speaker profiles, and identify top two sessions for each timeslot. That way you do not need to spend time on familiarizing with the session contents during the transitions between session rooms.

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