Limmud FSU – a feeling of belonging

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Arthur-YuLimmud for me began a few years ago when I attended a 1 day conference on Long Island. I went to hang out with my friends without knowing anything about it. That day I came back home with an amazing energy and desire to be a part of this movement. Since then, I’ve been to Limmud FSU in New York, Toronto, Moscow, Lviv, Los Angeles.

As an immigrant I always felt that it’s much easier to communicate and socialize with the people who are just like me, came to the US from the former Soviet Union. I had a feeling that we have so much in common and yet we all are different. I discovered that we have very similar passions and issues. We love to listen to both Russian and world music. Most of us understand Babel, Brodskyi and Mandelshtam. We love to sing along to the songs of Makarevich, DDT and songs from the cartoons and films of our childhood. Another interesting phenomena is that those who were born outside of the US and Canada, but whose parents came from the FSU or those who were very little, are also interested in Limmud. They are curious and want to be a part of this great learning, enriching, fun and amazing experience.

Arthur Yusupov, New York, Limmud FSU volunteer and participant

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